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BayREN Increases Rebates for Multifamily Buildings

By Yeymi Reyes, Communications Coordinator at BayREN

Climate Change & Energy


June 2, 2023


The Bay Area Regional Energy Network’s (BayREN) nationally-recognized Bay Area Multifamily Enhancements Program (BAMBE) has launched a new incentive structure that prioritizes health, heat resilience, and bill reduction benefits in overburdened communities. BAMBE offers no-cost technical assistance and rebates for multiple-measure energy upgrades that minimize whole building energy usage in multifamily buildings. Since its inception in 2013, BAMBE has upgraded over 45,000 units across the nine-county Bay Area and provided over $34 million in direct rebates to property owners. 

Over the years, BAMBE has consistently focused on removing barriers to program access by prioritizing underserved and overburdened property types. The updated incentive structure is the latest effort to improve access as overburdened communities qualify for more rebates. These program changes aim to improve indoor air quality in areas with high asthma rates, increase building resilience to high heat events, and lower utility bills in areas with high housing burdens. Deborah Vasquez, Property Manager of Sunshine Gardens Apartments in Santa Clara County shares, “[the BAMBE program] is a win-win-win: residents have lower energy bills and improved comfort; management saves money on common area utility costs; and the environment and broader community benefit from less pollution.”

The program introduces four bonus rebates, including an electrification adder, a health burden adder, a heat resilience adder, and a housing burden adder on top of the base rebate. Participating properties located in communities with overlapping health, heat, or housing burdens may qualify for multiple rebate adders, making them eligible for total potential incentives of $5,000 or more per unit. To determine eligibility for incentives and adders, property owners can use the public-facing Eligibility Map Tool

Through BAMBE, BayREN empowers property owners to make energy upgrades that prioritize health, resilience, and affordability in overburdened communities. Visit the BayREN website to learn more about the BAMBE program.