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Community Design

We believe community design can support health, wellbeing, equity, and innovation.

CivicWell works with local elected leaders, staff, and community-based organizations to plan for and implement changes in the built environment. We help create and sustain vital places through healthy and sustainable transportation, compact development, infill and revitalization projects, and more.

We incorporate equity and resilience in all of our projects. We work in marginalized areas, partner with local groups, conduct events in multiple languages, and engage directly with a diverse range of community members and partners.

Ahwahnee Principles for Resource-Efficient Communities

The 1991 Ahwahnee Principles for Resource-Efficient Communities, introduced by the Local Government Commission, paved the way for the Smart Growth movement. These principles provide a blueprint for elected officials to create compact, mixed-use, walkable, transit-oriented developments in their local communities.

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Ahwahnee Principles for Economic Development

The Ahwahnee Principles for Economic Development complement the Ahwahnee Principles for Resource-Efficient Communities that were developed in 1991. Embracing economic, social, and environmental responsibility, the principles emphasize community-wide and regional collaboration for building prosperous places.

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