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Fostering watershed health. Advancing sustainability and equity in water policy implementation.

CivicWell envisions a future in which local water management embraces innovative, holistic approaches that ensure the resilience of our natural systems while enhancing the vibrance of our built communities. 

Our cross-sector, systems-thinking approach addresses the intersectionality of water and land use with climate resilience. We recognize that each community is unique, as is their water management and policy context. For each community in which we work, we evaluate the historic barriers to success and develop a strategy to best meet the needs of the community, always striving to uphold principles of equity.

Ahwahnee Principles

The Ahwahnee Water Principles complement the Ahwahnee Principles for Resource-Efficient Communities that were developed in 1991. They offer stewardship actions that local communities can take to improve the reliability and quality of our water resources, while also reducing costs.

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