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Climate Change & Energy

Elevating climate change awareness. Identifying local energy solutions. Supporting community climate resilience.

CivicWell works collaboratively with local leaders to identify practical ways to reduce emissions, create more resilient systems, and build long-term community capacity to adapt to the impacts of climate change. We leverage longstanding relationships with state agencies, local jurisdictions, community-based organizations, and researchers to address these challenges in a holistic way.

Through educational opportunities, skills-focused training, and platforms for knowledge exchange and collaboration, we help local leaders advance climate goals while addressing community needs.

CivicWell projects involve climate mitigation and adaptation events, policy engagement, resource development, and coalition building. We vigorously advocate for funding, local solutions, and better access to resources for marginalized communities.

Ahwahnee Principles

The Ahwahnee Principles for Climate Change, adopted in 2008, complement the 1991 Ahwahnee Principles for Resource-Efficient Communities. They provide specific guidance for local governments to follow in addressing the urgent and often overwhelming challenges of climate change.

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Featured Resources

CCEC Coping with Crises Series

ARCCA Climate Adaptation Legislative Tracker

Current Opportunities

CCEC Local Energy Resources Network

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