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Webinar: Sustainable Purchasing Best Practices

Best Practices and Key Learnings from Empower Procurement

Climate Change & Energy



On May 15, 2023 we held a webinar on Sustainable Purchasing: Best Practices and Key Learnings from Empower Procurement. We were joined by ProspectSV’s Founder and Executive Director Doug Davenport and Senior Project Associate Ilse Villacorta, Berkeley Lab Building and Industrial Applications Senior Research Associate Billie Holecek, and Energy Solutions Senior Project Manager Zyg Kunczynski. The event was moderated by CivicWell Climate Change and Energy Program Director Julia Kim.

The Empower Procurement program (funded by the California Energy Commission) identifies opportunities to amplify sustainability outcomes through the increased adoption of clean technologies, with a focus on Distributed Energy Resources. This webinar shared key takeaways from the program, and discussed the procurement barriers observed while working with public institutions faced with increasingly ambitious sustainability goals.

Prospect Silicon Valley (ProspectSV) also provided an overview of the support they offer including Technical Assistance for decarbonizing buildings and fleets, Peer Forums, and available guidance resources.

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