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Donate today to support CivicSpark AmeriCorps Fellows!

Each year, approximately 100 CivicSpark AmeriCorps Fellows make a difference in communities throughout California. They support local communities with resilience projects from climate adaptation to affordable housing to drought response.

Your tax-deductible gift goes directly into a fund for Fellows experiencing unanticipated financial hardship, to supplement their AmeriCorps stipend. Donate today to support today’s changemakers and the next generation of climate leadership.

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It’s hard to put into words when resources are low how impactful an extra couple hundred dollars can be. I had to take time off from CivicSpark but more so at my second job in the fall due to two family deaths. I lost out on income from my second job and really needed the support fund to make up for that lost time. The support fund helped me feel more secure in times where nothing in life feels stable.

20-21 CivicSpark Fellow

This fund was an IMMENSE help to me. I think just knowing it was there when needed helped other Fellows feel supported as well.

20-21 CivicSpark Fellow

I am so incredibly grateful for the money given to me through this fund. I had a really rough year in more than one way and this fund allowed me to have one less worry on my plate. It supported me in taking care of my family when they needed me the most and when I was at my lowest.

20-21 CivicSpark Fellow

After having to rapidly evacuate my home due to the CZU Lightning Complex Fires, only to be evacuated again from the place I was seeking shelter, I rapidly racked up close to $800 in unanticipated costs. Fortunately, I was awarded these funds and I was able to make rent and cover enough of my credit card bill to not be penalized.

20-21 CivicSpark Fellow

After losing a second job due to COVID-related circumstances, I didn’t think I would be able to make the move to be near my placement site. This fund reduced financial stress and allowed me to focus more deeply on the communities I serve.

20-21 CivicSpark Fellow

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