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Businesses: Your EV Journey Begins with a TEAS

By Southern California Edison

Climate Change & Energy


May 31, 2024


As electric vehicle (EV) adoption accelerates, many Southern California Edison (SCE) customers findthemselves at a crossroads, grappling with several questions about how to install EV charging at their site. They may be unsure how to proceed on their EV charging journey, asking themselves questions like: Where do I start? What type of charging infrastructure do I need? How will I navigate the utility process?

Fortunately, SCE’s Transportation Electrification (TE) Advisory Services program can answer these questions. The program helps customers determine which EV charging equipment they need, identifies infrastructure siting considerations, and provides insights to help them make informed charging-related decisions for their property. It’s set up with the customer in mind, providing personalized education and dedicated support. Incorporating improvements based on customer feedback, the program will help speed up the deployment of charging stations at commercial business or multifamily properties.

What does the program offer? The services include customized EV readiness studies, grant writing assistance, educational webinars, and in-person events.

Who is eligible to participate? TE Advisory Services is ideal for:

  • Medium- and heavy-duty fleet owners (e.g., buses, trucks, shuttles, off-road vehicles)
  • Multi-family properties (e.g., apartments, retirement communities)
  • Small businesses
  • Large businesses (located in disadvantaged communities)
  • Commercial locations (e.g., schools, hospitals, shopping centers)

Where do you start? The EV journey begins with a one-on-one consultation with a TE specialist from SCE. The specialist answers project-specific questions and then prepares a readiness study. The study will list financial incentives available, charging recommendations, site planning considerations and other information to help the customer.

Eligible medium- and heavy-duty fleet customers can also apply for grant writing and review assistance. SCE grant experts will help write and submit a grant application for state and local competitive grant funding opportunities. Free grant funding can significantly reduce EV purchase and infrastructure costs.

What are the requirements? To use the services, customers must have (1) an active SCE customer account and (2) a proposed project site within SCE’s service area. But that’s it, so why wait?

TE Advisory Services can help customers prepare for their EV transition and introduce them to EV charging infrastructure programs as well. We’ll help simplify the process, so they can set out on their EV journey, reduce carbon emissions, and improve air quality in their communities. For more information, visit