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Creating a Mixed-Use Destination Corridor in the City of Pico Rivera

2023 Mid-Year Impact: Community Design


Community Design


July 29, 2023

CivicWell has partnered with the City of Pico Rivera to transform Historic Whittier Boulevard into a vibrant uptown district. CivicWell helped the City secure a $332,000 Caltrans Sustainable Communities Grant focused on multimodal improvements along the corridor and Durfee Avenue (the old Main Street) for walking, bicycling, and innovative micro and regional transit. The City added leverage funds, expanding the project to produce a specific plan aimed at converting the Boulevard from a strip commercial arterial dominated by big boxes and parking lots to a walkable, mixed-use destination corridor.

Gathering Community Input

The project partners, led by Pico Rivera Director of Innovation and Communications Javier Hernandez, with CivicWell, Day One, and MIG consultant team, completed a 5-day charrette that drew ideas from state and congressional leaders, the Mayor and Council Members, agencies, businesses, nonprofits, youth, and the public. Activities were held at the IDEA Lab, a formerly vacant building the City bought and opened for the first time to host the events and showcase the corridor’s possibilities.

“They can’t say [change] can’t happen in Pico Rivera, [but] it can!”

Advisory Board Member


“We’re thrilled and honored to serve alongside leaders and residents to create a vision and support implementation of the next phase of storied Whittier Boulevard. This initiative will provide a model for elsewhere in California.”

Josh Meyer, CivicWell Community Design Program Director

Inspiring Events

The partners hosted focus meetings, a photovoice project with 30 youth from the local Boys and Girls Club, a train ride and tour with local elected leaders and advisory group members of Old Town Orange for inspiration, and a Saturday Open House.

Next Steps

The consultant team is translating the input into design concepts and recommendations for the next phase of community engagement, followed by completion of the Multimodal Plan by end of year and Specific Plan in 2024.

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