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Aligning Transportation and Climate Goals

2023 Mid-Year Impact: Policy



July 29, 2023

AB 6 and AB 7, authored by Assemblymember Laura Friedman, embody an effort to more closely align local and state transportation investments with the state’s climate goals. With the introduction of the bills, Assemblymember Friedman worked with Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg to convene a stakeholder group to address the issues and attempt to develop a consensus approach.

The stakeholders comprise a wide range of interests including environmental and environmental justice organizations, local and regional government entities, construction trade union, construction companies, and home builders, among others. CivicWell Policy Director Roger Dickinson has helped facilitate the stakeholder group and worked closely with Assemblymember Friedman’s staff to develop legislative language based on the discussions of the stakeholders.

The diversity of stakeholder viewpoints has made this effort particularly challenging and ongoing. CivicWell has supported the bills, and Dickinson has also testified in support of the bills as they have been heard in legislative committees as the work with the stakeholders continues.

With such a diverse range of interests, the effort to find common ground that harmonizes our transportation and climate priorities presents an enormous challenge. The contribution of CivicWell in this endeavor has been crucial to making meaningful progress.”

CA State Assemblymember Laura Friedman

SB 511 by Senator Catherine Blakespear

CivicWell is co-sponsoring SB 511 with Contra Costa County. The bill would direct the California Air Resources Board to develop and provide greenhouse gas emission inventories to cities and counties that request them. The inventories are essential to support the preparation of Climate Action Plans by cities and counties and to target the investments they make to provide the greatest results and equity.

Our Policy Work

Consistent with our mission and priorities, CivicWell undertakes advocacy in the state legislature to promote progressive approaches that support local governments on climate, housing, transportation, water, and energy legislation.

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