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LGC is now CivicWell. Nice to meet you (again).



February 5, 2022

As we enter 2022—our 40th year as an organization—we’re excited to share a new name, a new story, and a new look with you. 

We have engaged in an extensive process of listening to staff, partners, members, and key stakeholders who have been part of our history. We’ve been testing ideas and refining our vision for where we’re headed in the next decade. We know our impact is growing, and we needed to write the next chapter of our story. 

We chose to move away from our existing name and share a new story that is broader, more equitable and inclusive, and open to all communities—whether they work in local, state, or federal governments, community-based organizations, private companies, philanthropy, research, or other roles.

We’re proud of our history as the Local Government Commission, and are excited to evolve that legacy. As CivicWell, we seek to engage and deepen our commitment with those who know our history, with an eye towards engaging new leaders, partners, and communities, so we can grow our impact together.

So while you’ll see some things that look new around here, we’ll continue delivering the same outstanding work, with a renewed focus on inviting more people into our community.

Why CivicWell?

The name CivicWell is about coming together to be civically engaged, public service-minded, and committed to healthier, climate-resilient, thriving communities. 

CivicWell invites us to go beyond the goal of livability into wellness. It shares a vision of wellness that is multifaceted—we work toward planetary, community-based, and individual wellness through our commitment to sustainable, equitable, climate-resilient communities. Symbolically, a well is a central source of growth and nourishment that helps communities thrive.

The Logo

The CivicWell logo stands for a foundation that others can expand on, the process of learning and iterating, and the unity of many perspectives sharing a mission.

The series of three slightly different horizontal lines symbolizes the process of learning from communities and applying strategies to fit each community’s unique vision and needs. The circle represents continuity and evokes the well—a symbolic place of gathering and nourishment. The gradient conveys the complexity and nuance that characterizes the work of translating impactful policies into real life.

Transforming Local Vision Into Action

CivicWell inspires, equips, connects, and cultivates leadership for local innovation and community change.

We know that local, regional, and statewide innovation happens when communities can define their own challenges and opportunities. We are a partner and resource for leaders who have a vision for their community and equip them with the guidance, resources, and connections to bring it to life.

Our goal is to offer a strong continuum of services that helps communities identify what they need to be more sustainable, equitable, healthy, and prepared to deal with climate change. From helping leaders find policies and models that have worked in other places to partnering with communities and offering direct assistance that supports implementation, we can inspire, equip, connect, and cultivate community leadership. Our challenges are interrelated, and our solutions must be, too.