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Pandemic Recovery Series

A factsheet series on long-term resilience strategies

Pandemic Recovery

Fact Sheet

January 24, 2022

CivicWell is working to understand COVID-related impacts on local governments and communities. With the help of a grant from The California Endowment, we’ve developed a factsheet series on the links between pandemic recovery and long-term resilience strategies.

Resilient Watershed and Fire Management

Outlining the challenges of fire resilience, the importance of fuel load reduction, and the need for intentional coordination across jurisdictions and government levels.

Water Accessibility and COVID Lessons for Resilience

Covering the effects of water utility shutoffs on California households, the impacts of unpaid water bills on water agencies, and recommended legislative and state actions to address water challenges.

Reimagining Our Streets

The pandemic has highlighted the potential of streets to create safe, healthy, and vital places for active transportation, commerce, and community expression. In this transition and beyond, communities can reduce traffic and improve outdoor space.

Resilient Transit and Shared Mobility

Offering recommendations for transit’s recovery from pandemic impacts, outlining the future of shared mobility, and highlighting steps to increase equity and access.

Telework and the Future of Economic and Social Prosperity

During the pandemic, public- and private-sector entities implemented remote work policies and practices at an unprecedented scale. Telework measures suggest a number of environmental and economic benefits for businesses, employees, and local governments.

Building Broadband Access for Stronger Communities

Broadband access is critical to strengthening a community’s resilience and creating post-pandemic prosperity. However, it’s not fully developed nor equally accessible: the digital divide persists for both rural communities and low-income neighborhoods.

Maintaining Local Government Sustainability Staff

This online brief provides insights into how local sustainability staff can more effectively improve financial conditions and build long-term economic, social, and environmental resilience.