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A Policymaker’s Guide to Infill Development

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A Policymaker’s Guide to Infill Development

Book, expanded second edition, only available online

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The way we plan and build our communities has a major impact on the efficiency of our society, in terms of time, money and resources. This efficiency, or lack thereof, impacts us socially and economically, and it affects the quality of our environment.

And yet, in the words of one local architect, “While we have made major advances in many fields, the U.S. has grown the most inefficient cities in the world.” Our inefficiency is at its worst when we examine the way we lay out our communities.

CivicWell’s publication on Building Livable Communities: A Policymaker’s Guide to Infill Development helps to answer two of a policymaker’s most frequently asked questions: “Why build in town?” and “What can local government do to encourage infill development?”

40 Ways to Build It Better

Building Livable Communities suggests a number of ways to create infill development in your community, including:

  • Planning Proactively
  • Assuring Public Participation
  • Using Public Facilities and Development to Attract Investment
  • Assisting with Project Financing
  • Zoning for Mixed Use and Higher-Density Development
  • Encouraging Rehabilitation
  • Providing In-Kind Assistance
  • Streamlining the Permit Process
  • Providing Public Services
  • Addressing Toxic Contamination

The 48-page infill guidebook also includes a handy checklist for creating infill development and four full pages of useful bibliographical resources to help you find the best avenues for building more livable communities where you live, work, and play.

Authors: Nancy Bragado, Judy Corbett, and Sharon Sprowls
Published: 1995; Revised January 2001
Pages: 48