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Climate Crossroads: California's Readiness to Act on Climate Resilience

A report prepared by CivicWell, Resilient Cities Catalyst, and Farallon Strategies through philanthropic support from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

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The California Resilience Partnership (CRP) is pleased to release Climate Crossroads: California’s Readiness to Act on Climate Resilience, a landscape analysis report that includes robust recommendations that can inform the State’s grant programs to foster more equitable and resilient communities across California.

Emerging from 2021’s historic $3.7 billion for climate resilience signed into California’s State budget, the CRP’s goal in conducting this analysis was to offer recommendations that could help stakeholders maximize this once-in-a-generation opportunity to foster long-term resilience in the communities where these dollars are needed the most, calling for a paradigm shift in how communities are resourced to act in the face of climate change.

In developing this report, the CRP team conducted an extensive data analysis to surface learnings from previous grant programs and engagement resources. The team also engaged with hundreds of diverse local, regional, and statewide community resilience leaders across California, over the course of almost 100 convenings and meetings. Finally, a working group of leaders driving equity and resilience in cross-sectoral organizations across the state provided detailed guidance to this effort via a series of working meetings. These perspectives led to six core recommendations detailing how forthcoming grant programs might best reach and be most effective in communities most in need of this funding.

This report was developed by Resilient Cities Catalyst,  Farallon Strategies, and CivicWell through philanthropic support from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

Read the full report here.