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Webinar: Implementing a Green Infrastructure Project

The Cosumnes Community Services District's Elk Grove Nature Park



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On October 18, 2022 we held a virtual event on Implementing a Green Infrastructure Project, highlighting the Cosumnes Community Services District’s Elk Grove Nature Park. We were joined by Cosumnes Community Services District Chief of Planning, Design, and Construction Paul Mewton and Board President Jaclyn Moreno; Urban Rain Design Principal Kevin R. Perry; City of Elk Grove Vice Mayor Darren Suen; and CivicWell Project Associate Diana Voss-Gonzalez.

Green infrastructure uses natural processes to filter and slow the flow of stormwater, protecting water quality and communities from flooding and restoring waterways. It helps reduce pollutants carried in runoff, mitigate the impact of climate events, increases public access to green space, and supports public health.

While traditional green infrastructure projects can be expensive and time-intensive, small-scale or quick-build projects can convert both paved and existing underutilized green space into highly functional drought and flood-tolerant landscapes within a few months.

With funding from the National Recreation and Park Association’s Great Urban Parks Campaign, CivicWell supported the Cosumnes Community Services District and Urban Rain Design with community engagement and design review in their process of creating an accessible and inclusive park for community members of all abilities. The Elk Grove Nature Park will use green infrastructure to manage stormwater runoff, provide wildlife habitat, and promote environmental awareness.

During this virtual roundtable, Paul Mewton and Kevin Perry dive into the planning, design, and construction of the park. Elected officials Jaclyn Moreno and Darren Suen discuss funding resources and how green infrastructure projects can support Climate Action Plans.

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