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San Diego Region Coastal Resilience Roadmap

A toolkit prepared by the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative in partnership with the Resilient Cities Catalyst and CivicWell

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The San Diego region, like others across California, is witnessing the impacts of climate change with extreme coastal flooding, wildfires, heat and drought. No one city or public agency can face these challenges alone. By working together from a shared understanding of the risks we face with coastal flooding, we can be better prepared to take coordinated action in reducing our vulnerabilities.

This project was designed to build more connectivity between coastal and inland communities in the San Diego region to move the needle on implementation of new projects that build coastal resilience to climate impacts. Developed by the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative in partnership with Resilient Cities Catalyst and CivicWell, the San Diego Region Coastal Resilience Roadmap and research Toolkits work to facilitate accelerated action for coastal resilience projects and investments that prioritize benefits to underserved communities in the region.

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Project Resources

San Diego Region Coastal Resilience Roadmap

The Roadmap is designed to serve as a dynamic document to facilitate and strengthen regional collaboration, motivating and inspiring coordinated ongoing action among regional partners. By aligning planning goals on a regional scale, this Roadmap aims to foster multi-jurisdictional resilience through coordinated planning that leads to high-impact initiatives and projects.

Actions Database

The Actions Database will serve as a living, implementation-oriented resource for resilience builders across the region, where practitioners and partners can learn more about efforts that may be ripe for scaling or replication, understand the best way to get involved, and build mutual support for aligned efforts.

Tools for Accelerating Coastal Resilience: The Cost of Coastal Inaction in the San Diego Region

This innovative Storymap aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the impact of climate change on coastal health and emphasize the importance of the multiple benefits that prioritizing coastal resilience efforts provide the San Diego region. This toolkit provides users with access to local case studies, interactive maps, and foundational knowledge building resources on the climate impacts that affect our coastal region and communities.