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Webinar: Housing as a Climate Strategy


Community Design


In the face of converging climate and housing crises, we have the opportunity to pursue strategies that achieve housing and climate goals simultaneously. Building housing-rich, walkable neighborhoods in transportation-efficient areas is a climate smart solution. It can help reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and greenhouse gas emissions, support sustainable land use, and preserve open space for wildlife and agriculture.

On November 15, 2022 we held a virtual roundtable to discuss these issues. Howard Penn, Executive Director of the Planning and Conservation League, spoke on smart planning for reducing VMT in rural areas and protecting habitat. Gabriel Quinto, Mayor of the City of El Cerrito, discussed a current transit-oriented development project converting parking lots to housing in alignment with the City’s Affordable Housing Strategy and Climate Action Plan. Mike McKeever, former CEO of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), shared cutting-edge planning techniques to integrate land use, transportation planning, and climate goals.


Header photo is El Cerrito Plaza view of Buildings C, rendering of design by Pyatok and Van Meter Williams Pollack, via SF YIMBY